Frequent Questions

Placement FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our agency
01. Do you require a fee for finding a placement?
No there is no charge to the client for finding placement.
02. What is required to move into a facility?
Before finalizing move-in, Assisted Living Communities require a Physician’s Report, or form 602. Your primary care physician will be familiar with this form, and often have them on hand, as would your future community of choice.
03. Do you provide placement to skilled nursing facilities?
Although Care for Seniors is not able to formally submit a referral directly to a Skilled Nursing Facility, in most cases, we can help you navigate the options presented to you at discharge and follow up with you to ensure your rehabilitation is going well.
04. Do you provide placement to low-income senior housing?
Unfortunately, at this time, Care for Seniors is not able to provide placement options for low-income housing.
05. Do facilities accept insurance?
Most facilities are private pay but also accept Long Term Care Insurance.

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